Your Will Like These Soft Beds

Trendy soft beds are quickly becoming a modern bedroom staple. They come in all sorts of shapes and finishes and with a varying degree of detail. They are comfy, safe, and have plenty to give decor-wise. Take a plunge, and see where you’d like to land every night.

Simply Soft

One of the most representative designs of this new trend is Astor bed from Silenia. Its soft velvety upholstery is stuffed to create that sofa feel along with rounded shapes.

Characterized by a split headboard, imitating pillows or cushions, the bed rests on four metallic flat legs, and opens up to provide some hidden storage for bedroom.

Misty is similar but slightly less rounded. It’s also rougher to the touch thanks to microfiber upholstery. The design is, too, storage-friendly, and is available in leather.

Special mechanism allows to open it up nice and easy without even having to bend at the waist.


Soft, comfy, and inviting like old shoes – Zero.16 is a cool versatile leather bed that looks like an appreciable extension of your living room sofa.

You can put it in a modern interior or keep it in contemporary minimalism, it’ll look just fine, and feel even better.


Fluff, puff, and fuzz characterize our next contender to becoming your own personal cloud. Fluff bed from Bonaldo is as soft as they get so much so its seams rise and fall with every irregularity of the soft stuffing.

While you still toss and turn on a mattress, a soft bed frame is a great way to avoid collateral damage from midnight or early morning clumsiness around the edges.


Stylish Bedroom Designs You’ve Never Dreamed Of

Stylish bedroom designs are all about a well-chosen color scheme. And while furnishings can certainly make it appear more well-designed, its canvas – the background – sets the tone for it all. This choice can be difficult, but once you’re settled on the hues, the rest is a matter of layering up.The Cold TuneWhite works wonders both…

通过 Stylish Bedroom Designs You’ve Never Dreamed Of — Hey!We can offer all kinds of soft decorations for you.

The Coolest Way To Decor Your Home

Pantone has announced its colors of 2017,and this time it’s nothing pastel or sweet,this is a neon and zesty color:greenery,a shade between green and yellow.This isn’t an easy color to handle but we are here to help you to blend it into your interior.

Greenery shade looks great in neutral interiors and creates an eye-catching touch,and it can be also used in unexpectedly colorful ambiences:hot pink,navy,burgundy,black and white,blue,in such cases it will create a bold accent.


A accent wall is an easy and cool way to add s trendy shade to your interior.Whatever room you choose,such a wall will catch an eye,It can be painted or covered with patterned wallpapers,like here,Moroccan-inspired.

a greenery accent wall is a trendy way to make a statenment


If you don’t want any serious changes,you can incorporate textiles in greenery color into your decor.Bedding,blankets,curtains,pillows,rugs and upholstery will make your interiors very stylish and bold,and this is a very budget-friendly solution.This color is to catch an eye,and it definitely will,so don’t be excessive with that,style is simplicity.

bold living bedroom decor with patterned greenery bedding


Furniture is another solution to add 2017 year color to your interiors.Here you have a super,cabinets,ottomans,upholstered chairs,sideboards and other stuff with any looks and styles are available.Add some accessories or artworks to echo with your bold furniture,Get inspired!

a moody living room with a lime green sofa

The Coolest Kids Room Designs

Here are the coolest kids’ designs.Btw, don’t miss the coolest kid’s of the previous year.They are great too!

If you have s toddler,you should create a beautiful space for him or her.We’re have some help!


Indigo Decorations

Waiting for s little miracle?Were here to help you design a perfect nursery.



Lets design a perfect shared room for teenage boys.


Boy Toys

If you don’t know who you’re expecting-you’ll have to decorate the nursery in gender neutral style.We have some ideas. (3).jpg

Gender Neutral Nursery Design Ideas That Excite

If you have several daughters ,and girls have just one room for two.this roundup may be of source for you.


Charming Shared Girl Bedrooms To Get Inspired

What Color Is Indigo And Some Ideas To Use It For Your Home’s Decor

Indigo is a color that is traditionally regarded as a color in the visible spectrum, as well as one of the seven colors of the rainbow: the color between blue and violet. Indigo is a deep and bright color close to the color wheel blue (a primary color in the RGB color space), as well as to some variants of ultramarine. Let’s see how to use it in your home décor.

Indigo Furniture

What can I say about indigo furniture? It looks super refined! Whether it’s upholstery or just painted wood, it’s amazing and can always make a statement in any space. exquisite indigo velvet sofas, chairs, shabby chic indigo sideboards and armoires will impress, and if there are no other statement pieces, they will be a focal point here.


Indigo Accent Walls

Indigo is a very intensive color, so it’s not used everywhere but you can always get an accent indigo wall of your favorite shade. Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms will profit from such a color, it perfectly matches with white, grey, neutrals and any other shades of blue you like. Indigo can be used in every style, from marine to refined and luxurious.


Indigo Textiles

Indigo textiles is a budget-friendly and fast idea to add this color to your home décor. Indigo-colored pillows, bedding, tablecloths and table runners, bedspreads and curtains will easily turn your space into blue-infused one, and you can make such things yourself if you feel crafty.



Super Cozy And Charming Cottage Kitchens

These days, the trend inkitchens seems to be towards brightness and whiteness: light colors, light marble, shiny subway tile. With this article, we’re taking things in the opposite direction: we’ve rounded up kitchens that are rustic, warm, dark, cozy — the perfect kitchen for the cozy cottage of your dreams. Rustic wooden and brick walls, rustic shabby kitchen islands, old hearths and fireplace – all these things will help you to make your kitchen cozy and inviting. Go for vintage and shabby chic furniture and don’t hesitate to use dark shades as they make a statement. Enjoy the kitchens below and get inspired!




Taupe Home Decor Ideas

It’s winter now and everything around us is pale-colored, or maybe even snowy-white. If you want to infuse your home with some neutrals but still want something different from the pales outside, why not try taupe decor? Taupe is otherwise known as beige-brown, is a color in-between brown and gray, I would even say: a range of colors, there are darker and lighter shades to choose from, everything depends on your needs and desire.

Taupe In Bedroom Decor

Taupe is very popular for kitchens because what can be more peaceful than a taupe-colored bedroom? Crispy white is too much, pastels are girlish, so taupe is a universal decision in such a case. Taupe furniture, bedding, rugs and curtains will easily make your bedroom inviting and soothing, and what else do we need after a long day? Taupe looks great with any neutrals, especially grey as this is a part of it, and of course with white, chestnut or black. Taupe is a very refined choice, whatever items you choose, and if you don’t want any great changes in your bedroom, taupe bedding and pillows are right what you need for a cool and soothing look.


Taupe In Kitchen Decor

Kitchen design can be done amazing with taupe because it’s a very versatile color, it can be refined and chic or rustic and even nonchalant, this color fits any decor style that will come to your mind. Modern, minimalist sleek cabinets with a glossy finish look great and glam. Rustic peaceful kitchens are just ideal in taupe, and you can create an amazing mid-century modern look in this shade, too. Taupe looks fantastic with marble surfaces, with black, cream and crispy white, so you may use these colors for various cooking surfaces or backsplashes.


Taupe In Living Room Decor

Want an elegant living room? Then taupe is your choice, it’s a very chic color, and you can use different shades to achieve the effect you want. Make it even more chic with metallic touches and crystal chandeliers. You can also get a clean and minimalist look with taupe, mix it with white or cream and all shades of grey you like. Modern and rustic living rooms can be also done in taupe shade, I especially love French chic style with taupe and greys.


Taupe In Bathroom Decor

Taupe is popular for bathroom decor no less than for bedroom decor cause these are two places where we want to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. Various shades of taupe will make your bathroom o soothing space, add creamy and grey tones for a more relaxing look. any style that comes to your mind, can be realized in taupe, from Victorian to minimalist, and this is a timeless option. If your shade is too cold, add woven touches and warm woods.