Avoid Those Mistakes When Buying a Sofa

There are some mistakes that people often make when they buy  a sofa. These are small things in themselves, and so are easily overlooked. But all sofa buying mistakes featured here do end up having a big impact on your satisfaction with your sofa purchase.


Choosing a sofa that is too big or small

This may be the most common mistake of them all. This happens when you don’t measure your space or the sofa or sometimes neglect both. Don’t go by how big the sofa looks in the store. A sofa might look deceptively small in a showroom but could end up being too big for your room. So not

Measuring your space or your sofa can create many problems.

Other than measuring the size of your space, pay attention to the scale. Your sofa should be the same scale as you furniture so it doesn’t seem too big or too small placed alongside the rest of it.


Buying a sofa without trying it out

Just as your sofa shouldn’t be too big or too small for your space, it shouldn’t be too big or too small for you. If you are tall, make sure that the seat is deep enough to let you sit in comfort. If you are not very tall or have bad knees, look for a shallow seat that lets you rise out of it easily.

Never buy a sofa without first trying it out. Sit on it, lie on it,try it out the way you would use it at home. If you like napping on your sofa, make sure that the arms are the right height. Make sure the cushions and the back are as soft or firm as you want them to be.


Choosing the wrong style sofa

Your sofa should coordinate with the style of the rest of your furniture.

It should be one that you are comfortable with, not in just looking at it, but how that particular style functions for you. The way the sofa functions can be determined by trying it out but look carefully at the design to prevent buying something that is completely out of place in your home.

Each home has a predominant style, and if you buy a sofa that doesn’t go along with it, it could be a major irritant unless you are especially skilled in merging different looks together. If you want to be safe, pay close attention to how your sofa would look lined up with the rest of your furnishings.






Tall, dark and stable Wobbly furniture leads to a desire for emotional stability.

  1. We all know that a person’s decisions are determined by circumstances.
  2. Experiments conducted over the past few years have revealed that giving someone an icy drink at a party leads him to believe he is getting the cold shoulder from fellow guests, that handing over a warm drink gives people a sense of warmth from others,and—most astonishingly—that putting potential voters in chairs which lean slightly to the left causes them to become more agreeable towards policies associated with the left of the political spectrum.
  3. The latest of these studies also looks at the effect of furniture.
  4. It suggests that something as trivial as the stability of chairs and tables has an effect on perceptions and desires.The study was conducted by David Kille, Amanda Forest and Joanne Wood at the University of Waterloo, in Canada, and will be published soon in Psychological Science.
  5. Mr Kille and his collaborators asked half of their volunteers to sit in a slightly wobbly chair next to a slightly wobbly table while engaged in the task assigned.
  6. The others were asked to sit in chairs next to tables that looked physically identical, but were not wobbly.Once in their chairs, participants were asked to judge the stability of the relationships of four celebrity couples:Barack and Michelle Obama, David and Victoria Beckham, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.
  7. They did this by rating how likely they thought it was, on a scale of one to seven, that a couple would break up in the next five years.A score of one meant extremely unlikely to dissolve.A score of seven meant extremely likely to dissolve.
  8. After they had done this, they were asked to rate their preferences for various traits in a potential romantic partner.Traits on offer included some which a pilot study indicated people associate with a sense of psychological stability, some that are associated with psychological instability and some with no real relevance to instability or stability.
  9. Participants rated the various traits on another one-to-seven scale, with one indicating not at all desirable and seven meaning extremely desirable.
  10. The results reveal that just as cold drinks lead to perceptions of social conditions being cold, tinkering with feelings of physical stability leads to perceptions of social instability.Participants who sat in wobbly chairs at wobbly tables gave the celebrity couples an average stability score of 3.2 while those whose furniture did not wobble gave them 2.5.
  11. What was particularly intriguing, though, was that those sitting at wonky furniture not only saw instability in the relationships of others but also said that they valued stability in their own relationships more highly.They gave stability-promoting traits in potential romantic partners an average desirability score of 5.0, whereas those whose tables and chairs were stable gave these same traits a score of 4.5.
  12. The difference is not huge, but it is statistically significant.Even a small amount of environmental wobbliness seems to promote a desire for an emotional rock to cling to.Do you approve of this study?

The advantages of artificial plants

The artificial plants should not be subject to natural conditions.They don’t need sunshine,air and so on.Artificial plants grow almost everywhere,on mountains,in deserts, seas etc.


You don’t need water it,fertilize it,rake it,trim it carefully pull some weed,etc.And they could not fade,nor die.I think artificial plants can help you save money in every way.


With the continual development of the building material and architectural technology,the form of decor is increasing.During the design process,it attaches importance on integration of theory,art and reality,aiming for the maximal realization of the create idea with full functional satisfaction.More and more beautiful and grand buildings will be build by people.


Plant landscape is the vital mark of landscape architecture,which can meet the requirements of space and art compositions in landscape architecture.Artificial plants landscape can cater to its demand.

The introduction of artificial turf

At Back Nine Greens, we use only the highest quality materials available; our artificial grass is not like any you have ever seen or felt before.  Though it looks, feels and plays so much like real lawn, it is incredibly durable and requires very little maintenance.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance to the synthetic turf is minimal. An occasional brooming is recommended, but not necessary. Brooming will stand the fibers of the artificial grass up and even out the infill materials.

Debris like leaves and twigs can be easily removed with a leaf blower or by hand. As long as the leaf blower nozzle is not placed too close to the synthetic turf, the sand will stay in place while the debris is blown away. The drainage in our imitation grass is similar to natural grass. The artificial turf backing has many perforated holes allowing for water to drain vertically.

Made of Safe and Durable Materials

The long term effect of the sun does not harm the imitation turf lawnscape or make it fade. The fibers of our “fake” grass have a UV protection coating and can withstand the damaging effects of sun, heat, wind, snow and ice.

Our artificial grass is 100% polyethylene and lead free, unlike many of our competitors, making it safe for kids, pets and our environment. On top of saving water, our “fake” grass is also recyclable after its lifetime.

Our artificial turf come with limited 8-12 year warranties, while actual life expectancy is 15-25 years.


What Is ThePlant Simulation Industry

In recent years, the plant simulation industry continuous development of technology continues to progress, simulation plants, artificial flowers, insurance plants enhance the development and the arts. Simulation of plant industry continues efforts and constant pursuit of innovation, ideas and attitudes of “quality, quality, service”, the interpretation of man and nature in perfect harmony. Therefore, simulation of plant industry will be more sound and rapid development of space.

As market demand increases for the industry, the industry also continue to explore, to meet different customer needs and strive to the best results.

Product research and development, we have invested a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources, companies varieties, low price, reducing long time use, easy to install, plasticity and other advantages of simulation products have been all over the world, in a star class hotels, senior clubs, high-end office buildings and other bad relative spatial environment have appeared.

Ways To Maintain Your Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants are made up of chemical products.There are some common chemical properties of plastics .

The first way to maintain your artificial plants is to keep a way from fire or high temperature,artificial plants have the high temperature limit to it.In the high temperature limit,it does change with temperature.

The second ,when you display it in your home,you should use water to clean it after some time.And at that time,these artificial plants have to protected from direct sunlight to avoid high temperatures that are also fatal to them.If you don’t do it,these artificial plants will change their colour.

The last,I hope that you can find some helpful information form here.

Ways To Add Texture To Your Home Decor

When we are speaking about making home decor bolder and cooler, the easiest ways to spruce it up a little is to add color or texture or both. Today I’d like to discuss adding textures because incorporating texture adds an extra dimension that instantly makes a room more interesting. What are the ways to add textures…

通过 Ways To Add Texture To Your Home Decor — Hey!We can offer all kinds of soft decorations for you.